Big Changes May Be Coming to Argentina’s Data Protection Laws

This article was co-written with Diego Fernandez from Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal

Two important changes are underway if you do business in Argentina. In 2003, Argentina was the first Latin American country to be recognized as an adequate country by the European Commission. Its data protection law, Personal Data Protection Law Number 25,326 (“DPL”), was enacted in October of 2000 and provides broad protections similar to the EU Directive 95/46/EC. Although it already has some of the strictest data protection laws in Latin America, Argentina is currently seeking to further overhaul its data protection laws in two potentially significant ways. First, the Data Protection Authority (“DPA”) made public a comprehensive draft of a data protection bill that would completely overhaul Argentina’s data protection laws to align with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) requirements. The legislative branch has also introduced a separate bill that would require certain data be stored exclusively in Argentina (“Localization Bill”). Both of these measures may impact the way in which personal data is stored, transferred, and maintained. …